Model A Ford Canvas Side Curtain Set 1931 Deluxe Roadster--Used-- Good - $275 (near Twin Lakes)

This listing is for used, six-piece, tan canvas, side curtain set for a 1931 Model A Ford Deluxe Roadster / open car. It is possible that these side curtains also fit other models and other years. I am not personally familiar with Model A’s, but I have tried to research the parts so that I can list the appropriate years and / or models they apply to, etc. I do know that the original owner had a 1931 Deluxe Roadster plus these are configured just like a new set that I sold and those were definitely for a '31.

A little background: My wife bought a house in the mid-1990s from a neighbor who was a classic car buff (more later). He left a number of parts in the garage and they became part of the sale. All of the parts have been in storage since then. Some, like these side curtains, have been stored inside a heated house. Now it is time for us to “downsize” some so I have been slowly getting the various parts listed for sale.

I believe that these side curtains are aftermarket reproductions. There are at least as old as the mid-1990s. There are no tags or identifying marks so I cannot tell what brand they are. However, the word "PREMIER" is stenciled twice on the canvas on the lower inside passenger side front curtain (see photo) but I cannot tell the brand from that. However, they look identical to a vintage LeBaron Bonney curtain set that sold on eBay for $475 a few months ago. And apparently LeBaron Bonney has gone out of business for good! They were perhaps the only manufacturer of these in the tan canvas style. These will possibly be hard to come by at least for awhile.

All six pieces of the side curtain set are made of a premium grade tan canvas. Each piece is trimmed with a brownish / olive drab, well stitched, vinyl edging (it might be treated canvas rather than vinyl). The canvas material and trim are in good condition; there are no significant tears or damage. However, they are lightly soiled probably as much from long storage as their use. They would benefit from a good cleaning but I will let you chose how best to do that. The canvas is a little on the stiff side but perhaps there is a way to make them more pliable There might be several very small (1/8") stains or marks that will not wash out. As for the stitching, there is some light fraying at the base of each slot in the two door headers and there is a small, 3/8" tear at that base on the driver's side header (see close-up photo). Other than that, the rest of the stitching is in very good to excellent condition.

The four windows are made of a very high-grade clear vinyl that is double-stitched into the canvas. The windows are very clear. By way of illustrating, please see the photo taken thru one of the windows. (The blue highlights are for defects in the driveway under the curtain....I didn't want the viewer to think the windows were marred that badly. I should have chosen a better backdrop.) The windows are not cracked or yellowed and remain quite pliable. The windows do not have any significant scratches although there is light scuffing in some areas with a couple more significant scuffs on the back, driver's side window--but still, not bad.

Each piece has all the necessary fasteners mounted. All of the mounted hardware fasteners are either chromed, nickel-plated, stainless, or nickel-plated over brass or some combination of those. Many of the backing washers for the grommets appear to be brass. All of the fasteners seem to be in good working condition with only one exception: the insides of the cinch double stud are missing on the driver’s door header in the center (see close-up photo). I do not know if it needs to be replaced or if it can be used as is...but it definitely will not fasten to anything.

In sum, these curtains are in used condition. They are not new. Chances are you would not win any show with them unless it was a small, local one. Nevertheless, they are still perfectly functional and far from unattractive. Perhaps you could use for them as a second "work set" while driving around?

As for value: I see that the new curtain sets ranges from $550 (for a vinyl set) to $635 (and up!) for a tan canvas set...but the latter has been discontinued at a prominent manufacturer / retailer other than the now shuttered LeBaron Bonney Co. as mentioned above.

A couple notes in closing: Please study the photos closely. I have tried to give an accurate view of both the inner and outer sides of the side curtains and all the other parts. More photos are available if you want. Feel free to ask for additional photos or any other question that you may have. Also, there are some wonderful “How Do” videos on You Tube about installing side curtains.

Incidentally, my wife’s neighbor who previously owned these parts was the Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper reporter for the Chicago Sun Times, Art P…..

I hope you have a use for these. If so, come take a look at them. Thank You for reading all of this.

p.s. If you are reading this, these items are still available; I remove sold items immediately.

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