NEW AMX Javelin Rebel Machine Brake Booster Disc Setup - $250 (Richfield, WI)

Brand new, Brake Booster Brackets, Pivots and Pedal Lever --- Complete Setup. 1968-71 AMX, Javelin, Rebel, Rebel Machine, Matador, and Ambassador (with disc brakes). I only made five of these, so get one while available.

If your pivot assembly is seized/rusted to the pivot pin, this is the fix for you. Most of the AMC cars out there have a rusted pivot pin and the owners do not even know it. If seized, the square head pin is quietly rounding out the bracket hole every time you step on the pedal. A quick check is to have a helper press down on the brake pedal while you are looking at the square head pin end. If you see the square head moving at all, then the pivot is seized to the pin. The square head pin has a light press fit to the bracket and does not move on a properly functioning brake system.

The part was reverse engineered from an original, NOS booster setup that I borrowed from a fellow AMC enthusiast. It was blue printed, designed, and machined in the USA. This is a complete setup. Besides fixing a seized pin, this setup is also good if you are converting from front drum to front disc brakes.

This kit includes two brackets (one with studs), pivot assembly with arms, pivot square head pin, pedal rod with plastic bushings, pedal bolt with nut, booster spacers, and the small bracket with studs.

- Setup comes completely assembled as shown in first picture

- Brackets, pivot assembly and pedal lever/rod are professionally powder coated in a satin black finish

- Pivot pin and booster spacers are zinc plated with a black finish

- Includes hardware that has already been installed (cotter pins, clevis pins, spring washers)

- Small bracket is not necessary for an original 68 car. See notes below.

- Small bracket includes two flat washers and two Keps nuts

- Pivot pin bushings (gray color) are plastic

- Plastic brake pedal bushings are made out of Nylon, just like the originals.

- The brackets are cut on a Laser and then formed into the correct shape.

- Pivot tube, pivot pin and brake pedal bolt are done on a CNC for accuracy

- Brake pedal bolt is heat treated for proper strength

- All studs are pressed in and are not removable

- Pivot assembly arms are pressed fit and then welded in four spots as an added safety

This setup is designed to fit the following models:

68-69 Javelin and AMX (see two notes below)

70-71 Rebel, Rebel Machine, Matador, AMX, Javelin, and Ambassador (Left Hand Drive, With Disc Brakes)

Note 1: If you own a 1968 or 1969 AMX or Javelin, please continue reading. Originally, the pivot assembly did not have the plastic bushing on the inside of the pivot cylinder. In 1970, AMC modified the diameter of the inside bore, in order to accommodate two plastic bushings. This will work on 1969 AMX & Javelin, but is technically not 100% correct due to the plastic bushing and modified pivot design.

Note 2: In 1968 there was a running production change with the design of the pivot and also the way the brackets attached to the firewall. Early 68 cars used a different style pedal mount that had a square head nut welded to the pedal assembly. A screw in stud passed through the firewall and attached to the pedal assembly inside the vehicle. If you have a 68 AMX/Javelin and have the original pedal assembly, you will most likely not need the small bracket with studs.

Here is another note from the parts book:

Note 8-30 --- On 68 Javelin LDB (less disc brakes) used beginning with car sequence # E-030427. On 68 Javelin WDB (with disc brakes) used beginning with car sequence # E-030445

$250 plus shipping. I accept check, money order or paypal.
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